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                             Sergio o Reinosa   

We are specialists in the restoration of classic wooden boats, and we are also dedicated to the repair of Burmese teak decks, reforms and maintenance of pleasure boats of any material.   

                                      Special boats for DIFFERENT Clients

How We Started

Our knowledge of wood has allowed us to distinguish ourselves through our high quality work and artisanal character. We have acquired a great experience in the field of carpentry and joinery recognizable in any of our work, of high quality and taking care of even the smallest detail

2001 : Dedicated to serve our customers

          Ladder to Lower

              Or get on the boat                                          Teak base a Jacuzzi                                             Teak cleaning                                          We build captain's tables


Figurehead a

measure of your boat

“Juan Sebastián de Elcano” Training Ship. Her figurehead represents Minerva, the Roman goddess of three graces, wisdom, the arts and strategy.